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I Have Someone New In The Quarantine Tank!


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Went up to Ptmart to have a look, decided only to get one if I saw something special. This one caught my eye so I watched him (?) for awhile then called the attendant over to help me. At the store his wen seemed to have a little bit of a yellow tinge to it but in my QT tank it seems white. Anyway I like the fish & he seems very active. He'll be living in the 10 gallon apartment for awhile. I decided to name him Mr Bojangles!! (I picked up a box o' chicken on the way home!! LOL!)

Hoping he does well!!!!!





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Ooooooooooooooh how cute!!! I saw a gorgeous blue oranda at the Pet$mart the next city over today. I was shocked at how nice it was. haha~ I didn't get it though. I'm fully stocked. :testkit:

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