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Catfish Killed Eachother!

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i spent last night at my BF house all has been fine i have Eddy still in QT and i put the panty hose on the filter intake tube to keep Ed from tearing his fins anymore all was well except my Bf gave me an extra pack of frozen beef heart my fish have never tried before they have had frozen mysis shrimp otherwise its all conventional other then veggies. so i was eager for them to try some i added 3 dime sized chunks well Ed went crazy! trying to goble up his piece once he got that down he went for a second leaving one chunk left for the catfish well the catfish didnt seem too intrested at first untill all of a sudden they went crazy for the last piece to and started wrestling around like mad! i was inshock and didnt know what to do! and then i noticed pink fleshy pieces flying around!!! :krazy: i started to grab the net then remberd not to for catfish and ran around trying to find somthing to try to catch them in i ran upstairs and grabbed a collander by the time i came back with one both fish were pretty messed up one of which is missing a fin on its side :(. Ed was happily picking at one while i put together my net breeder. unfortunatly by the time i was able to get on 10 gallon set up the one Ed was picking at had died ive moved the other one in a 10 gallon tank though he isnt looking good. they have never shown any signs of aggression toward eachother before nor have they ever gone into a feeding frenzy. i had no idea somthing like that could happen so fast! i mean you look at those fishy mouths they dont look like they would be able to get a real grip on another fish so quick! :idont:idont i just feel bad that its happend that i couldnt react quick enough. the one left now has both his whiskers broken and his gills are bloody hes just kind of rollling around i wouldnt be suprised if he is dead now im keeping him in a dark area to keep calm. poor things :(

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