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Thanks everyone! :)

Well, I actually did take some photos yesterday.

Feeding time:


You can see my re-done, improvised sponge filter (turned off for the photos) as well as the in tank filter in the back.

This one shows the size difference. The big one is the one that keeps eating algae off the rocks, and is also one of my biggest fish, if not THE biggest. The small one is one of the few very small ones that.


and a couple close ups of the big one



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Day 23

Did I ever mention how fast some of them GROW? LMAO!!

These like three fish that are MUCH bigger than the rest, are getting MUCHER BIGGER every day. They actually managed to eat small BLOODWORMS today.

I fed the big fishies blood worms and out curiosity I picked through a mostly empty cube to see if there are small worms in there. There were a few that are about a sixth of an inch long and I added about 5 or 6 worms in the fry tank. They are ALL gone now. I even managed to take a pic of one of the SMALLER babies eating a worm, but photoshop is being a BLEEPING BLEEP right now.

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Day 26:

They do now eat Saki Hikari pellets if I drop one in the tank. They finish it up within about 3 hours. :D

One thing I noticed is that I am "missing" some fish. Remember when I mentioned that some of them are much smaller than the rest? Well, the smaller ones are gone. The number of fish has also decreased although I haven't found dead fish. I count about 15 fry, and all of them are "larger" ones.

I think this now is this "natural die off at 3 - 4 weeks of age" that I read about on multiple sites. I suppose it is that the small, weak fish get their food stolen by the bigger ones OR the bigger ones ate the smaller ones. I don't know.

That's probably why breeders separate the smaller fish from the larger ones, but I had no room to do so. Probably will do that if I ever breed intentionally instead of accidentally :D

So for now I call it NATURAL SELECTION.

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Thanks! Today I got to count them. Counted 11. Water params are 0/0/<5. Temperature 75F and pH 7.2.

So I can really only think of NATURE as the "problem" and cause for the decrease in numbers. Especially with the lack of corpses.

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I took a few pics.

This one shows some of the fry. As you can see I got a ton of brown and green algae in the tub, but since I finally got zero ammonia and nitrite I am surely not going to disturb anything in there


And then this fish. This one has a deformed tail but he swims perfectly fine. Maybe wiggles a bit more than the others. But he is of medium size, active happy. And as you can tell by the size of his belly, he is a very good eater!

Maybe it is only an injury, I guess I will see about that if he survives.

But his funny tail makes him super cute to me :D




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Definitely watching this thread after all the advice you've given me :)

I'm also curious to see the color of the babies. I have a calico and a red that I was thinking of breeding...maybe for next year. I have my hands full already

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