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2 Fancies And 37 Gallon Tank/accessories


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We just moved to a very small apartment, the tank is just too big for our place. I care most about them being taken care of properly, so any reasonable offer will be accepted.

There are two fish, one is a beautiful white male "Rain Garden" butterfly telescope, about 6". The other is his companion, just a regular adorable little black moor (female.) Would prefer they stay together, because they are quite fond of each other.

Included is the 37 gallon Marineland aquarium (minus the light, because I am using the one from my 40 gallon right now; actually have the 37 gallon light at my old house, but it needs a bulb), two Penguin 200 filters, and a Marineland submersible heater. Plus a big bottle of Prime and whatever other accessories I have that you may want. Also just bought a brand new Aqueon water changer from Pet$mart, if you want it I can sell that at cost (it was on sale, it was $39 total including tax.) If not I will just return it.

For pics just email constancemw@gmail.com. Really hoping they can find a loving home. Have them on Craigslist, but of course someone from Koko's would have first dibs!

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