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I Have A Some Questions


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OK well I I've cared for and own goldfish all my life usually comets and commons but they never have bred .

I have two old tubs in my yard one dug in one with at least 100 gallons in the front yard with our four spare boys in, A beautiful black and orange 5 and a half inch comet and 2 white and orange commons one 6 inches the other 5 also a completely orange common 5 inches.

In the back theirs a tub of at least 50 gallons with calico 5-6 inch female and a 4 year old 8 inch male (there my breeding pair).

5 are about 2 years old bought them all at an inch (they have grown a lot) then as I said our oldest 4 years old.


1.All the babies die in the pond after 3 weeks I hatch some away in a 5 gallon crate they always survive there.

2.Do water lilies and oxygen weed help with breeding.

3.Why when all boys are with the female swarming eggs never appear.

4.Are they at the right size and age for breeding are the five to young.

5.Are the ponds big enough for my fish i need to Know.

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