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Guess What! New Babies!

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So after my two big orandas died last year my tank has been looking somewhat empty with the 4 guys I have in there now. I was keeping my eye on the auction but really didn't want to spend quite that much money. So I thought I'd look into raingarden..... but I didn't really want to spend that much money either. But I was down south this weekend to visit the boyfriend again and went on the required trip to Allfish Emporium (formerly a Big Al's). To my delight they had three beautiful babies I ended up bringing home with me today. Please forgive the dirty tank shots. I didn't wipe down that side and I just fed them a little gel food before I took the shots.

This is Fanty. With the beautiful lipstick swatch.



And this is Mingo.



And this guy, I haven't picked out a name for him yet.




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Oh my goodness, they're all awesome! Mingo actually REALLY looks like one of the GFC auction fish from this week! Congrats, you reeled in some nice ones! Congrats.gifnewfish.gif

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:Congrats: on your new babies! They are all adorable and I hear ya on the prices of the auctions and such. My new guys came from the lfs and were pretty cheap and I love them to pieces. Yours are all gorgeous!
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