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How Much Did Your Setup Cost?


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For me:

4 fish = $12

55 gallon tank = $55

aquarium stand = $120

filter = $40

black gravel = $30

all plants = $25

driftwood, rocks = $20

all food = $10

glass canopy = $26

shoplights = $23

total = $361


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For mine:(prices in Canadian dollars)

Boog & Sherbet = $15

32G tank w/hood & lights = $150

Stand = was bought used with 25G tank $200

Fluval 405 = $304

UV sterilizer = $60

Food = Saki Hikari 2 bags $16 each (everything else is fresh/homemade so varies in price)

Glass ornament = $18

Silk plant = $15

python type hose drainer/filler = $65

cleaning tools = $20

AquaPlus water conditioner = $10-15 every few months

= $800+

Enjoyment of watching & caring for my babies = PRICELESS! :)

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australian dollars

4 fish = $490 (the other 4 fish i've had for a while in a different set up)

66 gallon tank with cabinet = $600

2 x external canister filters = $380

black gravel = $40

all plants = $230

driftwood= $70

all food = $40

UV = $180

prime = $40

test kits = $80

accessories = $200

python $180 (includes shipping to australia)

total = $1820

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Lets see if I can remember.

55 gallon tank 125

Stand was free

Goldfish 2, 5, 6, 30 and one was free and not staying.

Filters one was 80 the other came with my 30 gallon tank so no clue what I paid for it.

Bamboo plant was 10, glass rocks about 16 in all.

Bubble stone was 5, pump was 50 10 years ago. Think that same pump is 65 now. Heater 20 bucks.

And test kit. 35 bucks

Total 369 this is all American dollars.

But in my case nothing was bought all at the same time. My first tank come with the stand so it was free. I had some of the other stuff already. I got the glass rocks a Little at a time. I just bought the bamboo plant this month. And I already had the heater and didn't add it till the first winter. The new bubble stone I bought like a couple months ago. And the fist were also not all bought at the some time. Mongo is the one I have had the longer. Then Micah and on down from there.

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OK, let me think:

55 gallon tank : Free (I gave it's original inhabitants a good home)

Gravel: $50.00

Filters-3: $39.95 + Free (came with tank) + 22.95

Plants: $75.00

Lighting: $45.00 Homemade set up

Stand: $65.00 Homemade

Goldies: $28.47 All 4 from Box Pet stores

Albino Plecs: $Free I have a friend who breeds them

Misc: $65.00 Test kit / Water Conditioner etc.

Total $ 461.42

This is a good estimate, best I can do.

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Like Hidr said, my set up was bought over time. But here it is, in Canadian dollars:

Used 55 gallon tank and stand: $100

canopy: $100

light: $40

river rocks: $10

plants: $30

HOB filter: $40

canister filter: $150

heater: $50

2 goldfish: $25

bn pleco: $15

air pump: $20

bubble wand: $12

air tubing: $10

plant containers: $10

hikari food: $25

test kits: $40

buff it up: $20

prime: $20

python: $40

and the grand total is.......$747

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My first tank-

29 and 5g - $30

Whisper EX30 - $30

Total- $60

Sold for - $80

50g Tank-

The tank $10

Stand - an old desk - $0

"Python" knock-off - $20

Emperor filter - $10

Aligator decorative bubbler - $20

Total - $60

My 55g -

The Tank/Stand - $40

Filter, heater, prime, etc included with tank set up - $0

Total - $40


4 fish at ~$3 each.

2 fish at $9.99 each.

Total- $22


4 (two died) at $2 each

Total - $8


Food/etc. ~$15

Stick on Thermometer (2) $2/$3

Test Strips 5-in-1 $10

Ammonia strips $10

API Masters Kit $25

Ich meds $3

Salt $5

home-made sponge filter (and glass pebbles for the tank)- $10

air pump - $10

Tubing (3) at $5 each. - $15

Bubble wand -$3

air stones - $3

Plants (three mosses ((Now destroyed)) and one anubias nana) $15

Total - $109

Final total - $299



I can't BELIEVE the most I spent was on the little things!:rofl And of course none of this counts the cellphone cover I got, jewelry, etc.

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Wow! Vee! You are good at finding deals on tanks and stands.


Original set-up (too small) $30

gravel & decorations: 20

fish $4

26 gal tank & stand, lights & filter: 100

plants and decorations: 100

food: 30

chemicals: 50

additional filter: 30

heater: 35

net, vacuum, buckets: 20

airpump & bubbles: 30

total: $419

I reckon I could have saved about $100 if I had done some research first and bought a bigger tank to begin with, and not tried to use chemicals to get the ammonia out of the tap water. Once again patience could have saved me money!!

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Haha I go for deals like that because my dad's the one paying for the tank. Craigslist has been my best friend when it comes to the basics of the fish hobby. :)

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Tank and stand ?150 $240

Heater ?25 $40

Canister filter ?150 $240

Interal filter came with tank

Decs ?30ish $48

Bubble wands ?10 $16

Airpump ?30 $48

Testkit ?30 $48

Thermometers ?15 $24 (I break them all the time <_<)

Plants ?25 $40

Backing ?15 $24

Fish ?100 $160 (not including the ones I've lost - add ?55 or $88 for Red and Mariko)

Total ?580 $920

Not bad for a skint student. Definitely the most expensive thing I've ever owned!

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Goldie tank only

180 gallon tank - 400

Stand and repairs - 50

Filters - 210

Uv - 95

Light - 200

Gravel - 80

Fish - 300

Heater - 50

Airstone - 20

1405 and add in another $400. All this was bought over time but boy am I glad I have a full time job lol some stuff I took from other tanks, such as plants, or had been given for free.

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Alright, for my big tank:

55 gallon tank all inclusive ** 75

additional filter 40

current plants 15

glass pots for plants 3

glass marbles 5

all the fish together 50

air bubbler 12

stuff for background about 15

Total: $ 215

I make gel food, so I can't really count that I think.

Of course over time with things you change like backgrounds, plants, gravel etc it adds up to more. But the current set up cost me about 215 bucks.

(** including hood and lights, heaters (which I don't use), yards of tubing and a 340gph filter as well as metal stand)

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I've had my moors tank for so long (used it for tropicals for years) I have no idea what it cost.

I'll have to estimate for my new guys tank instead.

Tank, heater, filter, hood, lights- $80

Air pump-$20

Fish- $11

Tall silk plant- $6

I already had my glass decorations, airstone, another silk plant and the furniture to put the tank on, so I have no clue how much those cost. But the cost of everything I had to buy new- $117. And other people actually bought some of the stuff ;)

Not bad! :D

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  • Admin

I would love to tell ya guys but since the move from CA to OR every thing has changed....I dont know where to start....

i started with a 30 gal, then to a 45 gal then I had a 80 gall and at one point all of them were running, then I moved with just the 45 then it broke.... I cant really say, plus all the canister problems I had too.... :unsure:

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Im too scared to add it up, but i know its somewhere close to $4000 for 2 tanks... I dont like to think about it

I knew yours would be close to mine. But don't worry...mine is now at 2K with the DO fish coming.

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