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Talulah Is A Bully And Getting A New Name


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So my sweet Talulah was a doll in her QT. He floated gracefully, and was just a patient little soul. Fast forward to him going in the big tank and he's Heck on Wheels!

He's destroyed one Amazon Sword and half way finished with the second. He bullies for food and will not leave Herman (now Alice as per Little Breeches this morning) alone!

So here's what I'm thinking....a new name for this stinker! LOL

Since Little B wanted Alice for Herman (she loves Alice in Wonderland) I was thinking Hatter, since it would appear he's mad as one! LOL

I also like Leroy. As in Big Bad Leroy Brown (baddest man in the whole darn town...badder than old King Kong.....meaner than a junk yard dog) LMAO


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I like hatter, too. I hpe s/he is just getting some extra energy out from being in qt, and calms down soon!

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