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I feel like this format will help me to journal about my adventures as a "Wet" 1sm251WaterBalloon.gifnurse nurse.gif! teeheeju9.gif

It all began when 4 (almost 5) year old Little Breeches butterfly.gif went on a trip to the pet store with Daddy smile_sailor.gif. They came home with a 5 gallon aquarium ready equipped with a filter and overhead light. And Herman happy-2.gif came to live with us. He's started out as a 2 1/2 inch Red Cap Oranda baseballcap.gif.

This was the steveshouse.jpg. doh_smilie.gif

Fast forward to me doing tons of research les11.gif, worried for Herman's welfare in his tiny home and finding this lovely forum 10.gif. And boy have I had fun! jippie.gifI've never seen a forum so non-judgmental, warm and welcoming. Loveyou02.gif Coming to Koko's is now a daily thing for me, and I have started subscribing monthly as I don't think I could find a better spot for information and fun. I find myself reading and re-reading articles, threads and looking looking at the before and after as well as the non-planted tank photo sections.

And, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to how Herman has grown and thrived. He's loving his new (and previously owned) 29 gallon tank with 2 Aqua Clear 50's and his Whisper 40 air pump with bubbles. He really enjoys swimming among the plants plant_rooting.gif we've found for him. And his wen is starting to grow. aquariumsmile2f-vi.gif

I of course have also found a fish for me Fish-smilie.gif. Her name is Talulah and she is just a lovely shade of chocolate Chocolate.png (for now anyway). She is, as I begin this blog, in her 3rd week in her quarantine tub (that used to be Herman's halfway house from his 5 gallon to his 29 gallon) with her "amazing" air "system" c8b1b09f-1.gif.

Oh, and just to let you guys know (if you haven't figured it out already stuart.gif) I have a true love of smilies! LoScrigno_faxsmile.gif

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thankyou-1.gif to everyone for your sweet comments!! love.gif Gave me a big bigsmile.gif to be sure!

Today is Talulah's water change and Prazi (start of week #3) day. After reading about the pickling salt and considering how she's been sittin' on that fanny most of the day (when she eats she's all over the place...and when the food is gone she goes right back to her corner and pouts) I thought a change to aquarium salt was in order. Now I do admit that using the pickling salt was lovely. But today I used a wire whisk and a bowl with warm water and it took no time at all to dissolve. cookin.gif

I usually put her in a bowl so I can get a good look at her. Still keepin' my eyes out for any parasites! brainslug.gif I grabbed my video camera today to share with you guys. It's not the best video...but at the end I got some great footage of her telling me off!

This is why bowls stink Mama!thswearing.gif

After the water change with the aquarium salt I can tell she's already feelin' better. Here's hoping she stays off that fanny! up.gif


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She looks spunky! Do you move her every day? Some fish get stressed with being moved. Fun blog!

I love her spunk! I don't move her daily. I only move her for her 100% WC's (the one before the prazi and the one on day 4) and even then it's only for a short time (she's very peacefully back in the QT using that bowl as soon as I have it refilled).

And thanks! bigsmile.gif

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What a great blog Lola! :bounce I can see I'll be over here regularly. :read If Talulah is :mad: about her bowl tell her she luckier than my fish, they get stuck in a 4 cup plastic measuring cup when I need to remove them. :rofl

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She is very good at pouting :lol1

So cute and I can't wait to see how she will looks when she gets bigger

:Congrats: with your fantastic smilies and blog :gcar:

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My goodness it's been a long time! baseballcap.gif

After having to take a break from Koko's to nurse myself back to health 1sm057crazy.gif(this mama's not use to taking care of herself!) I'm back and happy to "see" all of my friends again!

As for my little finned friends, they've had a rough time while I was on hiatus as well. Let's just say the back up fish caretakers are not as meticulous as I am. I am, however, very thankful that they were taken care of! But I digress...

A LOT has happened since I've blogged last.

I suppose I could start with Hermione (formerly known as Herman). I think I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for ole' Hermione. She's the reason we came to Koko's afterall! I was just looking back at her photos when we first got him/her..and my has she changed! bigsmile.gif


Baby Hermione in August last year.


Checking her new wen out.


Well, hello there! It's been a while!


Singing for her supper.....to her reflection.....might be a while!

And then, who could forget Leroy (formerly known as Talulah). When I thought he was a mild mannered chocolate oranda, he showed a peaceful manner and a yummy cocoa color. Hoo boy! Things were to change!


Sweet little Talulah (or so we thought) when we brought her home.


Gettin' a little lighter....... I wish I had more photos of his transformation, but alas.....


Would you look at Leroy the trouble maker now?


Note the dorsal fin which he somehow tore up swimming around one evening. Since he's been getting salt and extra water changes....it's filling in nicely. With the color change it looks like his fins may end up white...so they look like they have holes, but in fact it's almost clear. Which freaked Mr. Petty Officer. He was afraid perhaps he did it changing the water one day, but I suspect he was trying to chase after Hermione when he did tear his dorsal. He's in LOVE! He follows her around everywhere! He does, in true bad boy fashion, steal her food. We have to feed them in the opposite corners to make sure everyone gets a share.


Thanks for going down memory lane with me!

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Wow! Who would have expected that Leroy/Talulah would turn out the way he did!

I'm glad you're feeling better, Lola. Take good care of yourself.


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Oh my gosh it has been so long!!! They look so great, I can't believe how much they've both changed! You've done a great job with them, and I'm glad you're back :)

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