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All Clean With A New Baby


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Tonight it was Herman and Steve's turn to have a house cleaning.

I took care of Steve first (my betta). His tank has a LOT of green hair algae, and I like the way it looks but it gets to clogging the filter. Anyhoo....


Steve sleeping in his second floor bedroom. (I think it's cute so I thought I'd share!)

While I was cleaning the algae off of the plant in his tank, I noticed it had baby plants coming off of the main plant. I remembered a recent conversation here about anubias and mother plants. I got to looking at it, went and Googled images for anubias and I think Steve's had one all along!


Anubia with babies in Steve's tank.

So I gently pulled one of the babies away, dipped it, and....


It's so cute!


Clean tank for Herman!

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Crystal clear tanks! :Congrats:

I love it when my plants make babies! And yours looks so cute in the big tank.

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Thanks everyone! Loveyou02.gif

I think ole' Herman is growing too! Piggy!

I have plants ALL OVER my house. I just love them. So I'm loving experimenting with water plants now. I bought a few bulbs and planted them in Steve's tank. That's where the anubia originally came from believe it or not. I had just forgotten what it was called.

Steve cracks me up. He loves his house. Doesn't spend too much time on the ground floor. I believe he enjoys the view from the top. search.gif

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Your betta is so cute.

Love the look of Herman his tank. Very light and clean.

My Anubias is making babies also. I must give them a new spot in the tank. I will be aquatic landscaping this weekend.

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