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Am I Going Crazy?


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I just went to do a round of PraziPro (switched tanks so figured I might as well...) Well went to pour from the bottle and it's....red?! Pinkish maybe? I know this stuff is supposed to have a long shelf life, but I could swear it used to be clear. Anyone have this happen, and do you think it's still safe to use? Smells the same as I remember..just weird.


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I contacted Hikari Usa and here is what they had to say:


I have a bottle of PraziPro opened about 6-12 months ago. The liquid has turned a pinkish color. Is this normal? Is it still ok to use?




Jody - thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your support of our products. PraziPro is a pinkish color, so there is no issue as long as the product has not been stored in a place that will allow it to freeze.

I guess it is always pink?

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