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Unless It Got Seriously Sniped At The Last Second...


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I love the rich coloring and the fins on this one! I'll probably be asking Ken to hold this one (along with my ryukin and ranchu from last time) until this ich issue is cleared up. I hope he's able to.

And if you guys were following along on the auction, you'll know I was also bidding on a really pretty dalmatian-looking calico butterfly, but someone BIN in the last hour of the auction. I really liked that one too, but it's okay. I was only planning on bidding on one fish in this auction, but I just couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I bid on them both! I guess someone else made the decision for me by buying that other one. I'm just glad I got one of them at least! After this I won't be buying any new fish for a while. I have plenty :)

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The colouring on that goldfish is simply gorgeous! I'll be rooting for you! :):goodluck:newfish

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