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Your 2010 In Fish


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What's everyone done with themselves this year?!

January - Bought Mariko (saw Red, ummed and erred much and left him there)

January - Got my 40 gallon bowfront + cabinet

February - Mr Betta (red)

March - Bought Red

April - Admiral Tovil Tova appears

May-ish - Halfpint the puffer

June-ish - discover fish shows and auctions, come home with lots of live daphnia and 2 small canister filters

June - Prince betta (purple)

June - lose Prince 1 week later

July - take Red to a fish show, he places 2nd in his class

August - the Admiral dies

August - move everyone to Newcastle

September - Stu gets 2 tiny pearlies

September - lose pearlies 1 week later when water company changes something and tapwater at 1ppm ammonia

September - move my guys to Manchester

September - 1 day later lose Mr Betta (discover pH problems)

November - Stu buys me Chester as an early Christmas present

November - Kitchen Betta gets a funky new tank and look

November - Rusty's first birthday

November - lose Red (RIP baby)

November - get Stu two new pearlies

December - nothing of note really!!!

My year has some new faces, some losses as I expect most people's will :)

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Wow, Sarah, busy year and you keep track of everything better than I do, lol :) Here's mine:

January-Atticus joined us

February-Calliope and Harper moved to the 72 with my other fancies, Atticus moved to the 40 and I got Penny and Lily

April-Penny and Lily moved to the 40 with Atty

June-We all moved to the city, without any major event :)

July/Aug-Set up my 15 gal for tropicals, then quickly upgraded to a 25

September- :cry1 was the loss of my fancies to whatever came in on the plants, major tank sterilizing, then happy stuff: Atty, Lily and Penny moved to the 72 and I came upon my WM babies, Constantine and Philomena, to live in the 40 :)

October-We all moved back to the country, without any major event :)

Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me something to add in Dec :rofl

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I will start by saying that the thought of a tank in our house was something that we always talked about every now and then but never did because of kids, dog shows, life, ect....

January-September, no fish :(

Mid September, was over at my mothers friends house when she says "you are an animal person, what should I do with these goldfish that my girls won at the carnival that they no longer want?" I didn't even think about it and said "I'll take em, my boys will be thrilled!"

A week later, wondered why fish didn't swim around much (3 comets in a 5 gal) found lots of info on internet but didn't read quite enough and went to local chain store and bought 20 gal tank and another fish.

The following week, found Koko's and found out that 20 gal was not enough. Rehomed comets and left tank empty for a bit.

Maybe a week later, bought adorable moor (Jerry Garcia) and redcap oranda (rutabaga)

A few days later, accidentaly killed rutabaga :(

October 30, Went to LFS and picked out beautiful red oranda (Bob) to come live with Jerry. Fell in love with a beautiful 60 gal tank and stand combo that was on sale.

Early November, obsessed about tank that was on sale and drove my husband NUTS!

Mid November, convinced my mom that I needed that new tank for Christmas and that she should buy now since it was on sale. And she did!

Set the tank up and moved over existing filter and added a new one, crossed my fingers and moved Bob and Jerry over to the new tank.

Maybe a week later I added Louie (oranda) and Binky (calico tele)

Early December, got to take a trip to Preuss pets about an hour away and picked up Tater Tot (lionhead)

That's about it for now :) Everyone seems to be doing great at the moment :)

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Gosh...this year was a year of transition. I got my first raingarden fish...Ursula was one of them. I lost her to the terrible ulcer bug. Took drastic measures got rid of my old tank and bought a brand new one and sterilized everything and started over. Lost Walley. Added Ponyo and Calcifer. Then got my first two ever Dandy Orandas fish who will start the process of joining the main tank Monday.

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April: Got a 55 gallon tank + Red

June: Got Zelda from Raingarden

July: Got Alfred From Raingarden

August: Returned Denny and got Soochi

November: Got my mail order husband (Dream fish Link). Had to put Alfred to sleep and returned Red, Romano, and Soochi to the lfs. Got a Black moor named Ganondorf.

December: Got a red and white ranchu named Ming Chao. Returned Ganondorf for being a meanie poo poo face (shoving and forcing the other two ranchu females to hide)

Currently: Link is a pimp as he now has TWO ranchu ladies at his side at all times :rofl

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okay, in a nut shell, here it is:

January - as happy as larry with my overstocked tank (10 gallons home to rocky, jewel and amico (stunted) + 2 snails)

February - as happy as larry with my overstocked tank

March - as happy as larry with my overstocked tank

April - resuscitated my koko account, later found cysts on rocky (after that: )

May - purchased the 66gallon + filter, pork chop, hershey & paul + koko subscription

June - purchasd a second filter as one wasn't enough + sir loyn & david

July - rocky out of qt - everyone happy including me

August - minor pimple problems for pork chop and sir loyn

September - purchased snag in secret and qt'd for 8 weeks!

October - snails die becuase thanks to john :( (bye bye frankie :( )

November - everyone happy :)

November - Pork Chop infects facebook :)

December - everyone still happy :)

oh, and won several competitions along the way :)

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January- got my Rain Garden telescopes- Snow, Hamlet, and Patch.

February- Bojack changes color. Never Moor. Set up my 20 gal tropical tank.

March- got my new Sarasa telescope Peppa.

August- got my new Black Moor Jet.

October- set up my new 29 gal tank. Lost my RG telecopes Snow and Hamlet. Got my new chocolate telescopes Bosco and Cocoa Puff.

November- got my new Black Moor Magoo.

December- got my new telescopes Tri and Bat.

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January-September: nothing changes

September: start converting "plastic" tank to planted tank.

October: join koko's.

November, December: nothing changes.

Pretty uneventful year, lol, but I consider that a blessing :)

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Jan - August - Pretty much nothing

September 15th - got 15 fantail goldfish :)

A few days later one died, leaving me with 14 fantails :(

September to October - 2 more died, leaving me with 12 fantails :( :(

End October - felt something fishy - fantails weren't GROWING o.o

November - School holidays, spending most of the time of Facebook XD

25 November - Joined Koko's

A few days later, learnt that my tank was more than overstocked, not enough gph for filter too

A few more days later, gets inspired to do something for the sake of my fishes

Nothing happens...

Nothing happens....

... Until one fine day, my godmother come back from work, saying that her colleague would be happy to take in some of my fish (he keeps fishes)

Until now, that hasn't happened yet... praying for the best, hoping to rehome the goldfishes ASAP. :)

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