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Fancy Goldfish In Austin/san Antonio/houston ?


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You should check out goldfishnet.com. Tommy (the seller) lives somewhere in Texas, but I can't remember which city it was. If you send him an email, I'm sure he'd let you visit and pick out a few fish.

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i don't know as i'm from australia.. but i just wanted to stop by and say welcome to koko's., i see you don't have any gold fish at the moment and that really is a great way to start.. we have lots of information available to you on how to get started.. we follow a few simple rules here in order to give your goldfish the best chance in life possible with minimal or no problems.

a minimum 10 gallons per fancy goldfish and a minimum 20 gallons per single tail.. most of us do not mix fancy gold fish with single tails as fancy gold fish have disadvantages such as slowness, sight imparement etc...

we also recommend that you change 50-60% of the water weekly to remove harmful toxins that fish produce to prevent your fish becoming sick.

browse around our photo gallries to see what type of gold fish will suit you.. i say first.. shop for a tank that suits your environment, complete a fishless cycle (takes upto 6 weeks & make sure you have drop test kits at hand) whilst that's being done, have a look around to see what fish you would like to keep.

here is a good link on fishless cycling:

fishless cycle

there is more information covering many topics on our forums.. feel welcome to browse and to ask us as many questions as you need.. i think the best option is to cycle a tank before you buy your goldfish.

again, welcome to koko's and best of luck to you!.

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Try contacting the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society. I think that is their name :angelstaf:

I live in Austin but I haven't heard of any really well bred fancy goldfish other than random choices at local stores.

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