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In Memory Of My Fantail Goldfish


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Woke up to find my only fantail goldfish dead, stuck to the filter. People don't really keep fantails here much in the Philippines, there's currently a ranchu-oranda craze and I was just so proud to be one of the few who kept one who was also so beautiful. I came home late from a date last night and just turned off the tank light. I was thinking that maybe he was already stuck by then but I didn't notice. I don't know. :(

I'm shocked and really sad. He/she was so active yesterday. I even did a photoshoot for my new sig. And I can't even mourn because I have to head to my shop now.

Photos in memory of 'fantail' as I called him since I really never named him.

Under my ownership: May 2010- til death, December 15, 2010. :( :(








SIGH. I'm off. Thanks for viewing guys.

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OMG I'm so sorry for the loss of your little fantail, he was so kawaii. RIP Fantail. :(:sorry::

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I had such high hopes for him growing big and plump along with that beautiful tail of his. Been thinking of him all day. I've lost fish before, but he was part of the original batch of goldfish that I got when I decided to revive the tank. People are telling me to just get a new one but it's not the same.

Ugh. I feel terrible. I went home to my tank and it just feels so different without his flowy white tail swimming around.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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Oh, so sorry for your loss. :( Fantail was so pretty and healthy looking. Hard when a seemingly healthy fish suddenly dies, so unexpected and heartbreaking. RIP Fantail.

EXACTLY. That's the most painful part. The 2nd-4th pictures were taken yesterday and you can see that he was so healthy and lively. Blah.

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