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Black Specks In Corners Of Used Tank

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So after many false starts I am sterilizing Herman's new digs. I'm bleaching the tank now after giving it a good scrub down.

I've noticed these tiny black specks in the corners of the tank on the silicon that won't brush off.

Now I'm freaked a tad bit.

I certainly don't want Herman to be affected by any buggies that may still (miraculously after all of that time in the basement of the previous owner) live in those little spots.

I've scrubbed with a 1:10 ratios bleach to water. After scrubbing with a clean toothbrush in the corners, I've filled the tank with screamin' hot water and have it sitting now (in my tub) soaking.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what my best course of action is?

Thanks in advance you guys!

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Do another run through of the tank with warm water and dose with a water conditoner. Let the tank sit in conditioned water and dump it after an hour or two and then rinse again. You should be fine. If you can let the tank air dry do so or let it sit out in the sun to optimize the drying and reduce the risk of any bleach getting in their. Just wipe it down with a towel or paper towels if you can't let it air dry and make sure it doesn't smell like bleach.

The black specks could possibly be algae stuck inbetween the silicone. I get that sometimes.

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