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Two Questions

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Hey everybody! :hi

I have two questions. (Not sure I'm in the correct forum though).

1) When doing your weekly gravel vacuum/water changes, do you leave the filters running? Or unplug them so they don't accidentally run while dry?

2) For those of you with Penguin Biowheel filters (or other types of biowheels, I guess; I'm only familiar with the Penguin 330's), do you ever take the impeller housing apart and clean the impeller? I have never done this but noticed on the directions that come with them, that you should do this monthly.

Thanks in advance for the feedback! :panana

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day! :wub:

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I run internal filters that should not be run dry. When vacuuming gravel or changing water I only leave the air pumps going. If in doubt, always switch off for those few mintues that you are working on your tank. It won't hurt your fish and may save you from receiving a nasty electric tingle!

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