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Issues With Eggs


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I've been meaning to ask this question and it kept slipping my mind, but I was cleaning the tanks this evening and remembered... so here we go.

Does anyone know anything about factors that affect the quality of eggs? My guys lay them ALL THE TIME, on at least a monthly basis, but I've noticed that with a few rare exceptions, most of them aren't viable.

Instead of being cute and round, the way they're supposed to be, the majority of eggs in each batch (clutch? or whatever the proper term is for a group of goldfish eggs?) tend to flatten out and stick to whatever surface they land on.

The eggs also have a tendency to be hard -- almost shell-like. I can skim them across the tank with my finger and they don't come off the side of the glass or get squished. In fact, it's fairly difficult to get them off the tank at all. I have to take my nail and actually snap them in half, because otherwise I can't get the "seal" to break and they stay firmly attached to the wall.

As a result of all this nonsense, the eggs aren't hatching. The babies will develop perfectly, to the point that they'll have eyes and spines and start moving around looking for an exit, but they don't seem to be able to break out. They'll squirm for a day or two, and then just die.

My tank walls are perpetually covered in tiny, crispy shells containing tiny deceased fish babies. It's ridiculously depressing.

Ready for a photo montage? Photo montage!







Anyway, I'm not suggesting that I want all of these dudes to start hatching. God knows we don't need more of my type of fish in the world. ;)

But I'm worrying that it's a sign of some sort of underlying problem with my goldies. Like when birds are being poisoned by pesticides and the shells of their eggs get really thin!!!

Has anyone had any experience with this? Any suggestions on anything I should do with the mamas and papas? Or is this just yet another example of my babies being ridiculously strange?

"Um, excuse me," says Sirius, "but I am offended at the suggestion that you don't want hoards of my offspring multiplying on every surface of the tank, swarming over the plants and eating everything in sight. Who wouldn't want more studly fish like me in their lives?"

Sorry, Sirius. I didn't mean it. You're incredibly good looking and I would be honored to have a tankful of your babies.



You know that's right.

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