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Got My First Ever Lionhead & Calico Fantail!


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I had to do it. I've wanted to try a ranchu or lionhead for awhile because of their extreme cutness but fancies just seem harder to care for than commons/comets. Also I don't like spending a lot on just one fish. But, like I said they are just the cutest thing IMHO so I finally jumped in and picked out a real sweet little fishy at Pet/Smart that said it's a lionhead. They had mostly orange ones and a few orange/white that were real pretty. But I liked this one because she has a straighter spine which I'm hoping will help her swim better overall. She still has that adorable wiggle though! So here is my new little girl I named Silly Putty cause she looks so funny!





A couple weeks later I was at another Pet/Smart and saw this beautiful fantail. I wasn't going to get Silly a friend but this calico really stood out from the others with her super long finnage--something I truly love! Sooo Beauty came home and they are now together. They get along great except at feeding time sometimes Silly will push her around from behind! Doesn't seem to bother her at all though as she comes back and they hang out quite a bit.





So cute together--



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Congratulations! A lil' fattening up should do it and they will be even 10x cuter! They look good together too!

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:Congrats: on the new additions!

I agree with all of the above, they need some plumpin' up. :exactly

Very cute, thanks for sharing and best of luck to you with your new kids Kristi! ;)

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Welcome to the world of double tails kristi!! You have chosen a couple of real cuties!! Your little lionhead has the most adorable little face it is so so cute! :wub: :wub:

Gotta love the fantails too!! :wub:

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