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Cloudy Eyes :(

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I noticed about a week ago that one of my angels had a cloudy eye the day after a water change. He also had red at the base of his pectoral fins and they were shredded a bit. He is the aggressive fish so I don't think he is being picked on. I netted him to protect him from the others but left him in the tank. The next day his fins looked 100% better but he still had a cloudy eye. Then two days ago I noticed that my larger pictus catfish had a cloudy eye as well. I tested the water and everything read at 0/0/5. His "whiskers" also turned white, curly and look like they are about to fall off. The other two pictus cats are completely normal. This morning the angels other eye is starting to turn white. None of the other angels are showing any cloudy eyes. He still eats and acts normal. Everyone acts normal.

Before water change


ph tap and tank 6.8

temp 78 (heater wont get warmer)

55 gallon tank with 3 large filters

18 fish in total

None of them have parasites or flukes. I've had the angels for at least a year and most were bred by me. I've had the cats and bettas since october and one bettas since july. The bettas are new to the tank but were in their own tank for two months prior to going into the 55.

Is it possible that the cloudy eyes and whisker damage are caused by injuries? The tank previously didn't have much decorations but 3 large ornaments were added. I also added the gravel to the tank while the fish were still in the tank. But I made sure to herd them to the other side of the tank. Perhaps some stray gravel hit them?

I did a large water change yesterday and today the angels other eye turned cloudy. This has happened the day after a water change twice now.

On the bright side. My goldies are all doing well.

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