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A couple of years ago, my Brother and I went to a local pet store.... he wanted to get tropical fish in a tank and as a spur of the moment thing I got two Goldfish in a normal coldwater tank. We both got the same tank but he made his tropical while I used mine for the two Goldfish.

Today I went shopping with my parents - they'd heard of a new store in Town - it was our Local Dobbins store and it had everything - Gardening stuff, a food shop and, lo and behold, an aquarium store. I saw all sorts of fish in the Tanks. This got me thinking. Is there any other breeds or types of fish I could get that would nicely go along with my two normal goldfish? I may try to get a new fish after XMAS!!! Any suggestions? different breeds, types ETC!!

Also, I heard roumers that it's possible to get shrimps that would happily live in the same tank and eat alll the alge - but I think the fish would eat the shrimps...

Anyway I've asked enough...

Hope to get one or two answers


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You can keep goldfish with goldfish. Shrimp would be a snack. Make sure you have enough room and a place to QT new fish first. 10 plus gallons for each fancy and 20 plus gallons for each long bodied goldfish.

You can check out the compatable fish area but like I said already make sure you have enough room and enough filters first before adding anything.

BTW moving this to the right forum for ya.

Good luck.

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Exactly as Hidr said, Goldfish with goldfish ONLY no plecos or you're going to have problems. Make sure you have a big enough tank as well.

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Guest Black Moor

I'd just keep goldfish with goldfish, but make sure your tank is big enough before buying more. :newfish If they're fancy goldfish, 20 gallons for the first fish then 10 gallons per extra fish you get. Commons and Comets need WAY bigger tanks! If you have a big tank (at least 30 gallons I think) maybe you could get a Weather Loach. You can keep them in both Tropical and Coldwater tanks, I think. But make sure you have a big tank, they can grow HUGE. :)

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