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Guest Halloween



This is the koi I was talking about. You can see his lack of pectoral fins the best in the first picture. When I had him netted in the store he managed to jump out of the box of water and hit the floor. I thought that might stun him if not cause brain damage but no, he tried (in vain) to jump out of the plastic bag all the way home, so now he has a full lid on his qt tank. No jumping allowed! He's quite ill though, deciding if I should just treat with prazi tabs or do a scrape to check if he even HAS flukes. Starting on antibacterial food as well. I love his scales and coloration. I think he was born this way as there were some obvious siblings of his still in the store tank and I noticed one had a crumpled looking ventral fin so I suppose it was just bad genetics.



I know this poor thing is in a Kerr jar but it was only so I could take the pictures! I've had this little guy for about 2.5 weeks now and it;s fins have been very slowly regenerating. I've seen the most progress with the pectorals and ventral fins. Tail is slowly coming along. I have no idea how MUCH he'll gain back though, the fins were pretty much gone. The dorsal fin has been the slowest to bounce back. He'll get there :D

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