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Big Blue And Big Olive Colored Orandas

Guest Halloween

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Guest Halloween



The new guy. I can see he wants to turn orange! Funny I had another blue Oranda with same brown markings, in the same place! He has a really pretty iridescence on his fins that I noticed when the light hit them the right way.



She almost looks like a chocolate Oranda but she's really not this brown. Her tail was eaten away a bit by a bully in the store tank.

I was given a another fish half off because his fins were basically GONE, and I mean ALL his fins, dorsal 60% missing, pectorals 60% missing, ventrals 50% missing, anal fins 50% missing, and his tail fins were about 75% eaten away :( Poor little thing could hardly move forward! He's doing well for the time being, he wiggles when he swims but he's getting around a little easier now. Everyone just laughed at him over Thanksgiving.

I also saw a very cute koi at the pet store who didn't have pectoral fins. I watched him for quite a while in the store and he got around surprisingly well. He had little nubs for fins! Absolutely NO fin material, just muscle (what it looked like). The lady who was working with the fish that night and I both agreed it looked like something the fish was born with. There were several other koi there with deformed fins as well. Very interesting, I might even go back for him. Very unique. You'd never know he was missing his pectoral fins unless you really studied him. But for now I am at capacity QT wise. I have no other places to keep a fish! If I could stuff them in my pockets, I would.

I'm naming the big blue guy Solomon. And the female wil wind up being called Becs (after a child I used to nanny because my mother thinks the fish looks just like the little girl! hahahaha!!!)

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Guest Halloween

:heart Solomon is a very handsome fellow! He has a gorgeous face! My blue oranda (Atlantis) looks like he could turn orange, he has brown/bronze patches all over him. :doh11:

Great name for your little girly fishy too! ;) But where are pics of her??? :)

Oops, that is her (the bottom 2 pics). They do look kind of alike though!!!! In real life he is SOOO much darker but my silly camera does as it pleases!

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Guest Halloween

They are both beautiful! I think Solomon is a perfect name for the blue one- somehow it just fits!

Hehe thanks! I very rarely NAME my fish when they're still in the store tanks (Ok, it's rare that I name them at ALL anymore (7 of my 10 goldfish were never officially named))

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Guest Halloween

Gorgeous, I love Becs! I'd like to see photos of the "finless" one too though! :)

And about the koi, do you have a pond too to keep the koi? *jealous*

Really, I love these two fish, they look amazing!

Yes! I do have a pond though I've been having a terrible cat problem. My dad said he'd help me out with a big live trap though and there have been plenty of great suggestions here about what I can do to protect the pond. Leaning towards a wire cover at night.

The little koi was a bit small though, I think he'd have to spend a season indoors and grow a bit.


And thanks to everyone else as well!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a couple pictures of the little finless guy I can post later.

And the two big fish above will go into the big tank after their quarantine and then I can get some nicer shots of them :D

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