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What Tropical Fish Do You Have?


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To celebrate a second batch of eggs in my tropical tank I thought it would be interesting for those of us that keep tropicals to list what types that we have and how many. :)


Neon Tetras 5

Cardinal Tetras 2

Glowlight Tetras 5

Albino Glowlight Tetras 2

Black Neon tetras 1

Penguin Tetras 3

X-Ray Tetras 2

Zebra Danios 2

Pearl Danio 1

Albino Corys 3

Bronze Corys 2

Panda Cory 1

Pepper Corys 2

Skunk Cory 1

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As of today.

1 male betta

1 oscar

1 angelfish

6 zebra danios

3 glofish

3 spotted loaches

3 A. rainbows

2 turquoise rainbows

1 Firemouth

5 baby BN plecos

I common pleco

I very old highfin platy

Sorry for any that I mis spelled

and not all in the same tank.

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Who laid the eggs in your tropical tank Dennis?? - Congrats!! :)

I now have:

8 male guppies

3 balloon mollies

5 blue rams

6 corys (2 albino, 2 sterbai & 2 panda)

2 male dwarf gouramis (who are getting along amazingly well)

6 cardinal tetras

3 borneo suckers (I LOVE these guys)

1 angelfish (nearly forgot him LOL)

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Hi Sonja...I believe it was my Zebra Danios...I saw the male driving the female last weekend so I'm going to have to say it was them. If only I had the time to take care of the eggs and watch them hatch! One of these days maybe... ;)

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27 gallon tank:

5 long-finned leopard danios

2 platy/variatus-type fish

4 or 5 ghost shrimp

20 gallon tank:

1 male betta

3 ghost shrimp

Obviously I'm going to get more fish at some point in the future.

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I have:

three dwarf puffers,

my boyfriend has

countless snails and cherry shrimp. They keep having babies! :lol

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I have 3 female bettas.

5 amano shrimps

3 Sailfin Mollies and 1 Dalmatian molly but I don't know if they still count cause they are in my reef tank now. :whatjust:

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One oscar

I also have a 10gal with a male/female betta pair co-existing happily.

I used to have two community tanks and two 25 betta barracks (room for 50 fish) stocked full as well as tanks of fry, but I've stopped breeding and slowly been selling my young fish to breeders where they'll be put to good use (I used to focus on breeding HM green with the DT gene for fuller finnage, breeders snapped them up like hotcakes to add to there lines when I was selling adult breeders! :D ) and letting my older lovelies live out there lives in peace. Over three years I've dwindled down to to just old Aney and my HM girl Phoenix.

I've also had to move my pond fishies to a friends pond since I'm moving 200km+ away and will be renting for uni ):

So it's just me, Aney, Phoenix and Chacha now.

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Wow! That is a lot of tanks!!

I have to keep repeating to myself "I have room for ONE" "I have room for ONE"

One tank, one goldfish!

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ok update... I now have

20 Gallon long

1 Angelfish(if he continues to thrive I will have to find him a bigger better home :()

2 Peppered Corys (will be getting some more in the future)

4 Blue Micky Mouse Platys

5 Ghost Shrimp(probably snacks)

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