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I am new to the forum, but have already posted on the illness page - I needed some help, which is how I found this site to begin with. I currently have 8 goldfish, of which, only two have names. I kind of feel guilty about that.

I used to keep fish when I was a kid (about 20 years ago.) I am surprised how much has changed as far as our knowledge of keeping fish in that time. My wife brought home a 2.5 gallon tank last spring and she set it up with 3 goldfish. Luckily, they were very small. I did not give much thought to them, but I enjoyed watching them swim around. A few months later, I decided that the tank was too small. I bout a 29 gallon tank and moved the goldfish. Talk about some happy goldfish!

My wife bought 3 more goldfish. I still had not researched the care of goldfish extensively. We had: 2 Black Moors, 1 Fantail, 1 Red Cap, and 2 Shubunkins (one who is named Carl.)

Then I started reading. The first thing I realized was that my 29 gallon tank was too small. But, I did not want to part with any of my fish. So, in July 2010, I started a 125 gallon tank build. Over the course of several months, I build the stand and the canopy, and purchased all the equipment I needed. The fish were added during the first week in November.

I also read that Shubunkins should not be housed with fancy goldfish because they are too fast and may pick on the slower fancy goldfish. But, I have not seen that behavior in either of mine, so maybe I got lucky. Also, my fancy goldfish are bigger than the Shubunkins right now, so maybe that is a plus. I also read that fancy goldfish may not be able to compete for food against the faster fish, but mine get more than their fair share. I feed sinking pellets and once they hit the bottom, the Shubunkins ignore them, leaving them all for the fancies to come and pick up.

I bought two more fish ... another Red Cap and another fantail: an orange one with black fins whom I named Quincy. They are in my 29 gallon, being quarantined. Even though it has been a month since they have been there, I do not want to move them to the big tank because Quincy is really small (about 1.5 inches) and I fear he may not be able to compete for food against the larger fish. I do not want to move the Red Cap because I think Quincy enjoys having company.

I test the water of my tanks twice a week and perform weekly water changes. I feed all my fish Pro-Gold, Spirulina Flakes, Salad Supreme, and Krill.

I still have a lot to learn about taking care of these guys: the ideal amount of water to change per week, the ideal way to clean a tank, how to deal with algae, and medicating (for when I need to.) I look forward to reading a lot of posts to learn as much as I can to make sure my fish live long and happy lives.

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Welcome to Kokos! :)

A tip about medication ;) Don't use it until perfectly clean water and salt have been used. The only times you're likely to need medicine are for internal parasites, or dropsy. Even internal parasites can be treated with a 0.3% concentration of salt as well as ich. Salt, clean water, and heat do wonders, but be sure not to overuse them!

If you have any questions please do feel free to ask.

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Welcome to Koko's! Hope you enjoy your time here! :yeah:

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