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Floating Plants And Cover

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Hi everyone!!I am the Washingtongoldfish that everyone has been helping so much over the last couple weeks with H2O problems .. .....again ... thanks to all!

Just wanted to give an update .....I have followed most of yours' suggestions regarding water changes etc and have managed to get the Nitrate down a bit more. Still hovering around 20ppm if I do not do at least a 20% change every 3-4 days ....As I mentioned in my previous posts ... My fish were hovering at the bottom of the tank in one corner only ..... which was so uncharactistic of them. For the first 3-4 wks that they came in the house from outside they were using the entire tank !!...Anyway ... I was going to take Koko's idea of buying some Java ferns to help with the Nitrate but found out they will not make it in my tank which ranges between 64-68 deg F ...so I brought in two handsfull of Duckweed from my Ponds outside tonight .... within 5 mins of placing the Duckweed on the surface my fish's behavior changed! ... almost 100% ... they are now swimming back and forth across the entire tank .... I am so

excited ... and I may be able to sleep better tonight ... I only hope the Duckweed will thrive in my light conditions .....

sorry to get carried away ... by the way how do you all stop people from rambling on so much?

Thanks to all my newly found Goldfish Lovers ....


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Glad they are doing better. Duckweed didn't do well in my tank but I think it needed better lighting.

Yes .... Lighting is an entire new subject for me .... and I'm not up to it after the last 1 1/2 months of water quality Issues .... the good new is ... I have an almost unlimited supply

in my ponds outside so it it dies ... I will remove it before it decays and replace it with new ... if it keeps my fish happy .... thanks for the responce young lady ...


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I would give the javaferns a try.

They are supposed to do just fine in temps from 64 to 86 fahrenheit.

Btw. my tapwater is 35 mg/l and my goldfish, shrimp, corys and Endlers are all doing fine.

The delicate shrimp still breed like crazy. :)

I think there is a tendency to keep our goldies in allmost sterile, lab like conditions, but i think.

that will bresult in too weak fish in the long run.

Humans need to "exercise" their immune system to stay healthy, maybe fish need something like that too?

Dont get me wrong, you need to keep clean water, but fuzzing over

every little poo on the bottom is overkill (not that i think you do that).


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