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My Single Tails


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In about 2 months my single tails will be having a nice comfy home in my uncles pond. I've gotten really attached to these guys for the last few months and it'll be really sad to see them go, but it gives my fancies a better chance of thriving.



Question: Is a shubunkin a shubunkin without the blue colouration? I was told that Grover was sold as a shubunkin but does he doesn't have a lick of blue on him.

Zeus: He's the king of the tank :)


Palora: She is my favourite :heart


One side


Other side

Thanks for looking :D

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Very cute little guys! A shunbukin must have that blue coloring if i'm not mistaken. Does he have any white or blue on 'im?

Nope, no blue or white on him at all- just yellow and black. Hmm, curious as to what he would be classified as because he has all the other qualities of a shubunkin bar the blue colouration.

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