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Big Bad Karma Movies


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I heard music!! :hi5 On both vids actually.

MAGICAL!! But way too short Hidr, I could have sat and watched for another 10 minutes the tank is so mesmerizing :D and relaxing.

I love how your plec scoots around totally at home (mine always hides) and how peaceful and calm all your babes look. Even his trip to the surface is slow and refined..one very cool fish is Karma :)

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Funny, the second video is not working for me right now. Says "An error occurred, please try again later"

The first one was amazing though! What a beautiful fish, and I'm not a big fan of Oscars, I think they look "mean". And the tank looks amazing too! And the pleco (you know how I feel about them :heart )!!

But still, Karma is gorgeous! How big is that tank?

I'll need to have my hubby watch your videos and the photos of your tanks to convince him to put more plants and stuff in there. We got only a bit of plants right now, they would cover maybe a quarter or a third of the 20g, and he does not want any more than that for the 55g!!

Plus these plants are only maybe 10 inches tall, the tank is 21.

Anyway, thanks for posting these videos! I love the music in the first one. I hope we'll get to see many more videos! :)

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Thanks all. I was so thrilled that Karma didn't go after the rainbows. They did hide a lot at first but as you can see they are not shy now about coming out. And Karma does not bother them.

When the JD was in there the pleco did hide a lot but now he is out and about a lot more.

LOL way to short took 40 minutes to load both of those. 20 each. lol

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