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Bromley The Single Goldfish.

Erica Stolte

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So Bromley the watonai type feeder is still single...maybe si needs to get out more often to met other goldfish;)...But seriously I decided I had to put a "hold" any new fish pending possible moving, even if it's not that far. It's mostly because I can't deal with having a new fish in quarantine then anything else. I now do feel bad keeping a social fish alone so long, but it can't really be helped under the circumstances. And if I were to aquire another local feeder goldie, quarantine would be a big must.

I was busy draining another tank last night( the one my betta was in before being moved in with my danios) and I might load up the car in the next couple of days and move nearly all of my aquariums out except for three. I'm going to put them into the storage shed at the new house and if someone else ends up moving there due to the conflicts between me and my parents, maybe they'll at least let me keep them there until spring or if I sell them.

I probably have about a dozen stored under the stairs ranging in size from 5 to 30 gal and 4-5 I plan to move out of the apartment. I'm guessing it will probably take 3-4 trips to move all the aquariums in my PT cruiser.

If the move goes through, Bromley goldfish will be the first to go because si is in the largest, most difficult to move aquarium in the apartment. The very one I had intended to replace with an acrylic one due to the difficulty with moving it.

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My fish T.F. is by himself. He doesn't seem to mind, but I would love to have more fishies!

Just don't have the room.

I think Bromley will be just fine until you move, and even after that, if you change your mind about more fish. (yeah right! They are so addictive.)

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