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Flash, The Betta


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This is Flash, the betta I got my mother in law for Christmas. For a few weeks he wasn't doing so good because he was stubborn and would not eat anything else but frozen bloodworms. I guess he got to the point where his will to survive was stronger than his stubbornness and he is finally eating betta pellets. Within a week his looks have improved so much! He is so much more active, his colors are so vibrant and his fins are starting to look much better.

As a reminder, this is what he looked like just a little bit ago http://i82.photobuck...pg?t=1290622234

He was hovering in the same spot, listless, his colors turned to a dark gray.

The video is quite desaturated, his colors look about like this here http://michellewrighton.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/wm_betta.jpg

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