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Hi Everyone


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I just wanted to say HI :D :D :D

I can't believe how absent I've been around here in the past few months. I have missed all my Koko's friends so much, and I see there are lots of great new members who I don't even know!

I got a new house, new job, and new dog over the summer so life got really crazy. Things are settling down now but my job is very demanding. I'm hoping to find the time for Koko's again everyday though.

My fish are doing ok. I've been disappointed with the lack of time I've had to devote to them lately. I still have my huge moore George, my oranda Munchie and my ranchu Penny...who is almost completely white now! I'm hoping to get some photos soon to post. I was poking around at the lfs the other day and for the first time EVER saw they had bristle nose plecos. Given that I only have 3 fish in a 55 gallon now, I may have to get one of the little guys.

Anyway, I had to check in. I'm heading out on another research cruise on Friday but only for a week so......:iwill (I've always wanted to use that one!)

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