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Sorry for all the video spam today. Aside from the spinach video you'll get to see this and later on I'll also try to add the video of the betta who is doing so much betta... uhm BETTER I mean. Haha lame joke! :D

Vanille is so silly when she wants food. Such a cute baby! :) Video was taken with tank lights OFF.

Again, the larger version on youtube probably looks better than the embedded version on here

Oh, and the two times where I zoom in on the upper lobes of her tail fin is to show that she got some fraying and a small blood spot from her accident with the drift wood.

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"the betta who is doing so much betta... uhm BETTER" :rolleyes:


Just kidding! :P

Wow, her colours are so brilliant! She is looking wonderful and really stands out!!

Still LOCVING the winter theme - that background is so cool! Is it wrapping paper?

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