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Two Wins


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The two fish I was most excited about winning (two super gorgeous calico butterflies) were sniped from me at literally the very last second of the auction. :cry1 But I'm pretty sure I did win these two little guys... we'll find out for sure in a few days. But I'm pretty sure. They will go in the 55g ryukin tank with Toad and Ino.

Pretty ryukin, I think female. I love the pastel coloring on this one. I noticed her in a different auction, but didn't bid. This time I did! I'm naming her Saphira.



Aaaannnnd, this will be my very first ranchu EVER. That's right! I loved the matte sakura finish in a solid color on this one. I think it's so neat! Not sure of the gender on this one and don't have a name yet. Maybe Penny? IDK, we'll see.



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These are both beauties. I love love love that ryukin. Any sky blue undertones like that makes for one of my favorite kind of fish. And you know how I feel about ranchus. If my tank wasn't already so orange heavy I would have snatched up this guy for sure.

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Well done Sakura! great job on the ranchu purchase :) ! My new ranchu was my first ranchu too - they are ubelievably adorable little things!! :wub:

You have also bought the next fish on my wish list - a calico ryukin - I have been looking for one everywhere! Yours is so beautifully coloured.


Both your newbies are very beautiful! :)

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