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I Think My Goldfish May Be Spawning?


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I think Bubba is trying to get Maya to release eggs, but I'm pretty certain she's still young. Can this be possible? The reasons I think this is spawning and not just bullying are:

1. Bubba has never chased Maya so much while there's no food around. I've never seen him swim so fast.

2. He has also been showing his breeding stars on the gills and the front of his pectoral fins for the past few days.

3. The water temperature in the tank is usually around 68-70, and this morning it is 73-74 (I've heard a slight rise in water temperature can stimulate goldies to spawn)

4. There is nothing physically wrong with Maya, as far as I can tell. (Besides being extremely tired after he stops chasing her--she swims much faster and is more agile when he is chasing) I mention this because I know a lot of times sick fish will get bullied.

5. Food ALMOST didn't distract Bubba from chasing. He would be chasing her, and see me approach the tank, then he would stop to try and beg. But, before letting her get too far away from him, he would ignore me, and begin chasing again. I've never seen him ignore the possibility of being fed, and he is the best begger :D

So, I just fed them to give Maya a rest, and it seems to have worked. And now it seems they are at it again. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. What do you guys think?

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LOL! :tomuch:

Yes, with his face in her :fbottom: , as best as he could, anyway! She's a very fast swimmer.

Bubba is almost 4 now, so he's definitely old enough. I'm just not sure how old Maya is... would he be trying to spawn with her if she were unable to lay eggs?

Good news is the chasing has stopped since feeding. She was getting pretty banged up, and looking really tired. Also, I have no time to take care of fry, even though I really want to!

If she does have eggs inside her right now, will it be a problem if they are not laid? I don't know how to tell if she actually does.. she IS pretty fat, but she's also a ryukin :D

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