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Dumb And Dumber


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So....I'm a little frustrated with my LFS. I ordered Ranchu from them over a month ago, and then was told that they wouldn't be able to get any until the new year. And then last Thursday afternoon, I got a call telling me my fish were there, and ready to be picked up.

I had planned on doing another tank, for just the Ranchu. But it's nearing Christmas, my fiance and I just bought a brand new car. And, we have money saved to buy a new bed. So, funds are tight at this time of year.

So, I had to re appropriate my tanks. I gave my Ryukin (Obi) to a friend of mine, who has a 90 gallon, w/ two large red caps. He was more than happy to give him a new home. And I moved Hannible over to the 30 gallon w/ Boba.

So here they are. Dumb and Dumber... Loyd and Harry.

Chubbs with Harry...





And some more pics of the other guys, just for fun...






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Beautiful. It's so clean!! I just went bare bottom yesterday (spent hours getting rid of the gravel) and the fish just seem livelier and everything just feels cleaner! Bare bottom is the way to go!

I'm also guessing this is around 50 gallons? or perhaps 75? :)

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Lovely fish and congrats on the new ranchu! :Congrats:

Is that a little redcap ranchu I see in the back right corner of the full tank shot?

Red Cap Lionhead. :D

And yes, everyone does look tiny. Even Helo, who is 6.5 inches.

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