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Wondering About The Betta


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Unfortunately I don't have a camera to take photos so I will link to photos of similar looking things!

A few weeks back I got my mother in law a betta. He lives by himself in a 10 gallon tank, no filter or air stone since he doesn't like currents at all. Tank has some gravel and some plants. Not heavily planted, maybe as many plants as in here, but different ones


When she picked the fish, his fins looked very much like this one's (this is not the actual fish!!)


This photo here now is a couple weeks old.


I know he is not flaring in this photo - which I have never even gotten him to do even with a mirror - but he doesn't look too happy. His fins weren't like that when we got him, and right now they look even more "pinched" than in this photo and the tips of the pinched parts look white-ish. His tail fin has a split and the anal fin (?) has a tiny hole, looks like someone stuck a pin through it.

Could he have fin rot for some reason?

I did a big water change yesterday, the params today were 0/0/0, temp is set at 79. pH is 7.3. Prime is the only additive.

I change 30% of the water weekly.

Food. This was a big issue as he denied all food except blood worms. As I was trying to get him used to pellets he hasn't really eaten in a week which probably adds to his current condition. Today I got him to eat 3 aqueon betta pellets by soaking them in the liquid of the defrosted blood worm cube, and man, was he greedy.

Behavior in general: He is very quiet. Too quiet in my opinion, almost lethargic.

Most of the time just hovering in the same spot right underneath the water surface, seems interested in just about nothing, although he got a bit more lively after eating just before, and kept swimming back and forth trying to get my attention and more food.

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It doens't sound like he's doing too well, but I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest. I hope he livens up soon. Maybe a small filter or something to move the water around a bit? Good luck~!

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