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Need Help With Resue Baby

Guest Bonjovicrzy

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Guest Bonjovicrzy

Hi every one

I am Bev If this is long please forgive me and I appreciate any help I can get thank you

I am new and trying to get help never had a fish before I have one goldfish yesterday I did some research and joined this community .. He is a Comet Goldfish he does not have a name yet I have been calling him Mr .Fish he was rescued from a pond there was 7 fish .. the pump went out while parents was away they left a timer on to their pond to feed their fish .. and the pump going out killed 6 fish he is the only one left he is small I just got him yesterday . only thing my Mom had to put him in was 2-3 gallon aquarium for now that she I went to the only store today near us .. I got a tank it is not real big but bigger then he has now .. I am just wanting to nurse him to be sure he is ok ( he has a white spot on his side ( we think it was due to stress and him out of the water) .. I know he will get big and needs a big place if he makes it I want to nurse him just till spring/summer comes and if he makes it he will be going back in the pond

. the tank I bought is a 10 gallon ( Cycle it now ) I live in a small place and do not have room for a big tank ...so I am hoping since he is small that will last till spring if not I will think of something till spring.. I know he will be happier and more healthier in a pond but till I have to make due

now I need help please


I had to go to nnnnnn and they did not have much

1: I have the new tank put together and trying to Cycle it can I Cycle without putting him in it I read you can do a fish less Cycle and use food I hate to put him in the take after 24-36 till I know he is ok.. if so how much food do I use

2: nnnnnn did not have a test kit so I had to order it online .. it will not be here till next week will that be ok to leave it till then untested if I change water & as long as he is not in it ? the nearest pet store is 60 miles from me and I do not drive so ... I know I have to Change water doing the Cycle when do I start changing?

3: only thing for stress they had was stress coat and a store brand " jungle" it was for stress & water condition I read stress coat was good online so I got that it is added do I add aquarium salt in the new tank now or later if so and how much it is 10 gallons please give me the exact amount I got confused reading on a thread about salt

Now I need help with where Mr.Fish is now..

I know it is small but it has to do till he is better and the other tank is ready my Mom put him in tab water untreated and brought him to me she knows I nurse my pets like crazy ... it is 1-3 gallon little aquarium

I need to clean the water and condition and see if I can get him better before he goes in the tank he seems ok except for he acts stressed out he is scared of everything except for feeding he loves to eat and he has a large white spot on his side

1: Changing the water the tap water to not shock him or make him sick I know I have to have the water room temperature before adding will sitting the water over night be ok? it is really cold and add it in the morning I read on the web yesterday that is good to sit it over night it gets the water settle some with the Calcium and etc .. is that true ? and is it better to add the stress coat in before or after the water is added to the tank does it matter

2: do I need anything besides Stress coat or Aquarium salt? to calm him and try to heal his white spot if I I need to I will order it I really think his spot and scared is do to stress of the drama and being in the water he is in now

3: with the tank so small do I clean 20-30 percent of the water like I read how to clean the tank or more or less .. I got a new filter for the small aquarium and and a air pump to work both tanks the air pump is perking him up some he is swimming easier now ... with the stress coat how much should I add it calls for if they have damaged skin or fins 2 tsp.for ten gallons with the aquarium so small I do not want over dose him do I add salt to? and at the same time as the stress coat ? .. and how much? .. do I add salt every time I change the water ? in the small aquarium

I am sorry I am asking so many questions & I am sure there will be more later any help would be appreciated.. thanks .. Bev

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Guest Bonjovicrzy

there was another question I have

the pet store that I called today for info said Cycle lasted 45-50 days or longer at times and your site said 30 -40 they said the longer it says the better ... which is right .. I really need him in the bigger tank but do not want to hurt him

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  • Regular Member

Hi hun and welcome, sounds like you are really on the right track and determined to do all you can to nurse your survivor back to health :thumbs:. So far so good. He must be fairly tough being the only pond survivor :flex:. I would say the 10 gallon -even though it is a squeeze- will do till spring and the pond, if you cannot manage anything larger.

I can bet you will however, after a few months love this guy so much you will want to double that space for him though ;)

First things first. Not sure you need stress coat unless this is also your de-chlorinator. Most people here use something called Prime (a de-chlorinator and de-chloraminer). Anything that will dechlorinate tap water is fine. I believe stress coat also contains aloe vera which is not really necessary but wont harm I suppose. Basically when ccyling the idea is to keep the water as devoid of 'product' as poss -it helps speed things up :exactly.

If I were you I would cycle your tank with the fish in. If you cannot get test kits for a week or so, you need to be doing 50% minimum daily water changes and you do not need to clean or touch the filter for at least one month and definitely NOT before test kits arrive. You will need to take a sample of your tap water to the pet store and have them check it for pH/gH and kH.

These numbers are very important and tell you wether you need to do smaller water changes (pH lower than 7, or kH lower than 40 or 50) or larger ones depending on results. For example if your kH is lower than 50 it is better to do 3 20% water changes daily if you can manage rather than the one larger 50-60% daily change. All this is precautionary before the test kits arrive to save you from dangerous pH differences which can make fish spin and flash and get sick. pH MUST be stable, not rolicking around.

Make sure tank and tap/new water temp is same (use a finger to test) when you do water changes so as not to shock.

Do you have any leftover pond water or algae or plants? These would help cycle the tank faster and provide some familiarity of surroundings to destress.

Please post back with an update so we can talk you through more details. And NO QUESTION is too small, silly or puzzling for us. Try us -we really want to help you and your new baby pet :hi5

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I just browsed before school, but I wanted to add this sentiment.

If neither tank is cycled, which I assume is true. You will want him in the bigger one.

The more water the better, especially if you don't have a cycled tank for him to live in.

Kudos on what you are doing.

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Absolutely he is better off in the ten gallon for now. It means more work for you, but much less room for error in a cycling tank. I wouldn't add salt just yet. Just see if good clean water clears up that white spot. Until you get a test kit (and probably even after), put him in the ten gallon with decholorinated water and make sure the temps are the same. Then every day change 50% of the water. It will keep his water as free of ammonia and nitrite as possible while cycling. It won't stress him if the temp and PH matches.

Do you have a filter and an airstone...those two things are a must here.

Glad you were able to save one of the fish.

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Guest Bonjovicrzy

Hi everyone

thank you for the help and no I will not keep him even though I am getting attach already I will not keep him confined if he needs space if I get him healthy and through the winter I want him happy & room to swim and with other goldfish my parents has a large nice pond I can go to visit and feed him allot

is it to quick to put him in the new tank? I just got it put together last night and filled in the tank directions it said wait 24 or 36 hours before adding fish since it is a new tank I would hate to hurt him and the pet store that I called Sunday before I found you all here said to wait a week if I had to add him to the larger aquarium right away they said ( not sure if true ) new aquariums gave out gases also .. this is so confusing I have read and been told so much since Sunday I will add him to the larger aquarium though if you guys think it is best you all know more then me

Today before I read this thread :

well I did my first fish change before reading this I removed 20-30 % from the big tank and used the water I sat out last night on both I also cleaned the little aquarium took 50% water clean the gravel it was dirty not sure if Mr.Fish liked it or not he tried to jump he is a jumper he tried 3 times and bless his heart he is a little trooper I gave him a goldfish treat I felt so bad putting him through it he has been through allot already

.. I only added the Stress Coat and the sample they gave me of Tetra Aqua Safe water conditioner in both aquariums I followed both directions on the bottle and sample pouch I was afraid to add the salt till I heard anything from you guys I did replace the filter in the small aquarium not sure when my Mom changed it last he does have a water filter in both aquariums and now a water pump and air stones in both I will change his water tomorrow after I get home from Thanksgiving dinner

he is acting lots better though

with the cleaner water he is breathing better and swimming more in the middle and not on the bottom or top I have left him alone except for feeding him did not want to stress him out more today I just hope the white spot clears though he is a beautiful little fish I will try take a picture of him and the spot

Stakos the little fish tank my Mom had the Filter was Cycled before she had a Betta fish in it once she does not have the Betta any more but the filter replacement was needed and I did change it while cleaning

Trinket the Stress Coat said it takes out harmful chemicals in the water but did not say what on the bottle it said it was for healing skin and fins I did find a article that it says it is a de-chlorine and plus other stuff http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/396483/what_is_stress_coat_for_fish_tanks.html?cat=53

but that is why I added the Tetra Aqua Safe to just in case it did not do it ... the Stress Coat it says to use when setting up and fish change and when damaged or hurt or sick I just ordered Prime that you recommended just now online ( Thank You very much ) the nearest store when called 25 miles away did not have it we live 60 miles one way 50 the other to the nearest big town Amazon said the test kit was shipped today so hopefully it will be here just after Thanksgiving I ordered the API one .. I was going to order the other day on Sunday Amquel but I have read the Amquel did not have work well with the ammonia test reading with the API test so I did not order it but I see today that Prime does not either work may I ask what ammonia test to order for the Prime & Amquel .. all I heard is get a 2 bottle ammonia test but I am confused what to order is there a certain brand of ammonia test to get for Prime or Amquel what do you recommend


when I change the water in the new aquarium till he is in it do I need to clean the rock and decorations when I clean the gravel ?

what is the levels that it should be of the water test not sure what is the safest and what to look for

I will move him tomorrow evening when I get home or Friday morning if you all think it is best & continue to change water and keep you updated I hope he makes it and I do not want hurt him I' m afraid I will I love animals

I would like to know if I need to added anything else for his spot or when to add the salt because I would like to get his spot healed if I can like I said above I will try to take a picture of him and the spot I am not the best picture taker I am sure I will have more questions thanks every one for all the wonderful help ..

hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving

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A Happy thanksgiving to you too.

I think what the store is concerned about is leeching plastics from a brand new tank and filter. You can get around this very quickly by giving the tank a very thorough rinse and running some water through the filter and tank and then chucking that . It should not take more than 12 hours to clear residue however, especially if you add organic matter from the old tank (some gravel for example) which helps absorb nasties.

If you can add some of the gravel just a small handful for now ....from the old tank AND when you put fishie in the new tank ---add all the remaining gravel........also add the old filter this will give you a semi-cycled start. It may even give you a complete cycle. You can never have too many filters, if you can fix old and new on the bigger tank that would be the very best.

Your fish is probably jumping because he feels so confined in a 2 gallon tank after the pond. I would think your priority must be to get him in the 10 gallon asap.

Your water should read ZERO for ammonia and nitrites at all times. If it does not you must change water out until you get back to zero.

Your pH must be above 7 at all times and preferably quite a bit higher (7.4 or 7.8 or somewhere between). Most important with pH is it stays the same, an up and down fluctuating pH is one of the biggest dangers of all for goldfish. Along of course with ANY amount of ammonia or nitrite.

The airstones are GREAT news. Again, never too many :)

I am not sure why you need to age your water, if you have a de-chlorinator that also eliminates chloramines (like Prime) you do not need to age water.

Really need a sample of your tap water next to analyze whats what and give better advice. You can have your tap water "read" free at most LFS' and you need numbers for pH. kH. gH and ammonia/nitrates from your source water/tap water. But especially the first 3 I mention since any ammonia and nitrates in tap water is not the norm- although it does happen.

It is all very much easier with test kits. The API one is great as it contains everything you need. You need to test water regularly, daily with a new tank. Without those results its very difficult to give better advice.

The salt may be good for the sore but #1 first step is a cycled tank or stable environment to destress him. Salt can affect that, so I would get your fish in the big tank with old filter and gravel and then soon as you can get back to us with testkit/water results :)

We have all been here where you are many times and are here to guide you through this.

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Guest Bonjovicrzy

Update on Mr. Fish

Hi everyone hope everyone is doing well I am sorry I have not been here sooner Christmas and work and work is retail and it gets crazy for Christmas ...

I have a update on Mr.Fish that is his name it just stuck .. he is in the 10 gallon tank and loves it .. he is doing well .. so far he still has the spot on him but seems happy he has a place in my heart already and I only had him for a month I will be visting him very often when he is back in the big pond..

I got the testing kit and trying to get his water adjusted just right and it is not getting worse but I am not sure if I am doing everything right either ..it seems the water is not improving maybe I am excepting things to happen fast

I have been doing a 25-50 percent water change every other day .. and using the stress coat it seems to do ok .. but the ammonia is still little high is that normal with cycling a tank for 4 weeks I have the prime but have not used it yet I was not for sure how much to use was scared to use the prime before talking to you if I use the Prime will I need to get the API Ammo Carb or API Ammo Chips the test recommends I have a 10 Gallon tank

the Prime bottle I have is a 100ml 34 oz I have gotten measuring cups and spoons to measure everything out and it has been 4 weeks now do I need to change the filter on his water filter yet or do I wait till the cycling is over? it says to change every 2-4 weeks

Do I use one cap thread for a 10 gallon tank ???? & do I use Prime for a regular water change or just when having trouble with the water can I use it instead of the stress coat which I have been using for his regular water change

and the directions says on the Prime bottle

Use one capful for each 50 gallons of new water. For smaller doses, please note each cap thread is approximately one mL. This dose removes approximately 0.6 mg/L ammonia, 3 mg/L chloramine, or 4 mg/L chlorine. May be added to aquarium directly, but better if added to new water first. If adding directly to aquarium, base dose on aquarium volume. Sulfur odor is normal. For exceptionally high chloramine concentrations, a double dose may be used safely. To detoxify nitrite in an emergency, up to five times normal dose may be used. If temperature is less than 86°F and chlorine or ammonia levels are low, use a half dose

any help would be appreciated after I get his water and cycling over I need help for his spot ..you all take care .. it is snowing here

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Yes ammonia is normal in 4 week.s You can use less than half a cap of prime. Prime is better to use than stress coat, it's more economical and it binds the ammonia, but your beneficial bacteria sill end up processing it.

Good on you for getting a test kit. If the ammonia levels are still high I'd do maybe a 40-50% water change everyday to keep it under control.

Never change your filter, you need to keep it for the beneficial bacteria. You have to remember these companies put these things on the back so you'll be buying more of their products. You only need to swish it in old tank water or dechlorinated water in order to keep it gunk free every month or so.

You do not need the ammo carb or ammo chips. Especially if you are treating the fish with any kind of salt, those ammo chips absorb ammonia, but they re-release it when salt is added.

:D Good luck.

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