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New Goldies!


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So FINALLY after my friend getting off his lazy butt and giving me his fish tank, I also inherited his baby goldfish that would otherwise be flushed alive(serious). I just plopped them in my 55g, since he needed the bucket back(he was rushing me). They don't seem shocked or anything since we basically have same water quality or similar. He gave me one black telescope(black moor), and one golden common. Iam thinking Id call the telescope "jet", even though he most likely wont stay black. He kinda looks like a veiltail in a way or broadtail. The shape of his body is that of a fantail. I ussually see the moors in the shape of a ryukin where I live. His eyes at close look proportionate, which is weird. I just tried feeding it. My friend feeds it flakes. Iam trying to break the goldfish off that habit. Since flakes are just horrible diet for fish. Originally I was going to use that 29g for a setup for two fancy goldfish. But after much thought. the goldfish look happiest around each other. Iam calling him jet cause his body shape reminds me of two things: a)torpedo b)Remoraid(pokemon related LOL).

He's poor at finding pellets unlike the other goldies. Iam hoping he learns. I left some mandarin orange slices in the tank for him to munch on if he cant find anything. I also left frozen blood worms. The goldies arent that big of a fan of the bloodworms(idk why). They prefer the brine shrimp. Especially sunny, its like fish nip. Iam thinking of breeding live brine shrimp, and daphnea. Iam also going to get frozen daphnea since it may be a hit around the goldies.

The 29g tank. Iam probably going to use it for 6-7 african DWARF frogs, 7-8 dull colored guppies(black, silver, white----and only round tailed guppies) or gambusia, 1 betta fish(halfmoon), and 6-7cherry shrimp. It PROBABLY will work out. I guess I want some input from you guys. I went to a frog forum and they say it will probably work good. But Iam deciding to ask here as well while Iam at it.

BTW do you guys think the black moor will be alright with a crew of commons, comets, and a ryukin? The biggest competition for the food would be a)Ryukin(hes a pig). b)one of the comets(i got to know him, kinda love him too. lol or she).

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to be honest, i don't think that under normal circumstances that the blackmoor will have problems with socaial issues where it concerns your other "speedsters".. but he will ALWAYS have problems with food with those other fish around.. as they get older, their sight becomes weaker.. this is a common happening with fish that have telescope eyes. i recommend you buy a breeder box or use a large colander to seperate the moor whilst feeding.. they can sometimes get in the way of food and he risks being unintentionally attacked by the other fish.

it is not uncommon to have single tales with fancy tailed fish in the same tank, but most members recommend against it due to the natural nature of them.. single taled fish are faster, more aggressive when it comes to hunting for food, where as fancies are more graceful and slow.. then there are telescopes which are generally slower again, and that's the class that your moor is in.. so in your tank, you literally have from one extreme to the next.

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Basically what's needed for any decision for separation is observance. If there is aggression exhibited by the other fish ONLY at feeding then a colander or breeding box is all you really need. However, if the other faster fish are being aggressive in other ways and at other times then it may be prudent to separate him.

You know your fish' personalities better than we do so if you think this warrants a 'wait and see' approach, go for it!

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Lol. Thanks everyone! I will keep this on consideration. He manages to get food. Because I tend to slight over feed the tank, it gets dirty faster but I make sure EVERY fish eats. I even have this thing where I poke the tank and scare sunny away and my favorite comet to let the other fish eat. My friend has dumped other fish onto me. Like gouramis, currently they are in that tank but within say a couple of weeks Iam moving the gouramis out to my dads tank. I couldnt say no to the fish, I feel bad about mixing it but I literary had no other choice on that matter. As for the turtle, the fish out competes the turtle. But I give large floating pellets which the fish nip at, but cant eat whole. Thats how I feed my turtle as well. Good thing he has absolute no interest in fish. He does take interest in snails and shrimp though. Well time will tell. I dont mind having to seperate jet to the other tank. I might also change his name, I kinda have this thing where the first few weeks I pick out a name but they change within the first weeks, and the last name is the one that sticks. Iam weird I guess. He kinda seems a little retarded. Literary, like he loves to go against the strong currents I put in one end of the tank(no the whole tank doesnt have that, its just one little section that I put a strong current for my turtle to get excersice). None of the fish ever go to that section, but he LOVES to do that. I defenitely know that for the most part the fancies chase around one of the comets. Sunny and my two comets seem to school together, the new common goldfish is picking up on that too. The black moor just likes to go on his own leisure. He doesnt care for playing with them. Worst case scenario imo is having to get a breeder box and feed him apart. But that shouldnt be too hard.

If they do in time start harrassing him Iam switching him out though and leaving the 29g all by himself. Even though Id rather use that as a community tank. My goldies safety come first. :P

He also likes to ride the bubbles btw. So possible names for him are:

Phantom(he likes spending time in the dark areas)

Jet(likes to swim against currents, and has the body of a veiltail or fantail)

Bubbles(likes bubbles alot, more than the other fish do)

Wasp(reminds me of a wasp. The tail does, and the body shape)

Iam trying to come up names that appeal to his gracefull side. He/she likes to stutter his/her game.

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