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Swim Bladder Problem/constipation Discovery


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Hi All,

I just wanted to share my experience with this issue, as I know its a very common ailment for goldfish and causes much distress.

My story begun when I was 14 years old and just started keeping goldfish and I lost faith in keeping them because they kept floating, I then moved onto many other different species and mainly keep Discus and Plecos.

Almost 9 years later I recently started keeping goldfish again, two little black ranchus that are about 2inches. I did alot of reading, on how to prevent SBD/Constipation, keeping them black, treating them properly for flukes and etc.

I guess this brings me to the point of my discovery.

When I first brought the fish home I treated them for Flukes and Tapeworms, Internal Bacteria etc and the amount of worms they had inside them were amazing.

After a while I put them on a pellet/peas diet when one of them started to float... this brought back horrors of why I stopped keeping them.

I did the usual and stopped feeding for 3-5 days and fed them on a diet of boiled peas. This seemed to fix the problem.

Then after few weeks the other fish started to float and it was floating for quite awhile When I looked at my plecos algae wafer and decided to try feeding them to the goldies.

HBH Algae/Veggie wafer actually disolves in water.

Making it very easy to digest, this Algae wafer saved my little goldfish from floating ever again.

this is what the packet looks like and more information about the wafers is displayed below:


Algae Grazers?

Algae Grazers? are an herbivores delight. Formulated with spirulina algae as the #1 ingredient and combined with a variety of other vegetable and plant material, Algae Grazers provide complete nutrition at an excellent value. This product is now all natural, and with a new leaf shape, gives you the assurance of the best feeding experience possible.


I have one request, for those with SBD/Constipation floating issues to try this out if they want to and to post their results in this thread.

I have since moved them to a ORCA-Hi Protein diet with the occasional peas and no floating has been seen since.

I still feed the HBH veggie wafers once a week.

Regards, David

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