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No I'm moving in april and refuse to add fish until we've moved. Basically I'm just sorting out what to look for when picking breed stock. Cause my main goal is health and longevity, I need to mix a bunch from different sources to better their immunity, I'll be getting one or 2 from each of the 5 breeders/importers from around here, (steve, ken, paul, tommy, larry, and the other dude that I don't remember his real name only his screen name lol).

I doubt Ken or Tommy will find any Dragon Eye Tosakins, (what I plan on breeding) also since I don't have the right breeding conditions at the moment for Tosakins, I'm working towards a fused tail butterfly as an intermediate project. Most fused tails are culls which is why I need to talk to the breeders directly.

I like the smooth spine and the eye to head ratio and the high dorsal. They've got excellent potential.

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Oh I :heart the little white ranchu. It's good you bought it or I would have had to spend all week reminding myself that I need money for x-mas.

Yeah, I :heart the black one too. My tank needs a little ranchu one of these days.

But they are all gorgeous Susan!

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