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2011 Calendar

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So here is the 2011 Calendar, all the photos are from POTW winners of this year till now. So all other winners in this year will go into next years calendar. Sorry guys but this is the only way I can do it :)

Enjoy :)

Oh and the cost is at the cost that cafepress charges to make it, so im selling it to you guys at cost. no profit for me just to let you guys know cause i think $15 is enough for a calendar. :)


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Looks great, Koko. I'll be ordering one for sure!

I usually try to have a calendar that depicts my theme for the year...since I have this newly discovered passion for goldfish, I think this is the one for me.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this.


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Shoot! I wanted to order one, but we already got two calendars as christmas gifts! This one was on my list, but I guess my family didn't feel like shopping online. Is it going to be available to order for a while yet Koko?

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