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New Dwarf Puffers


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Here they are!

They have already been stalking the pond snails (I'm pretty sure they got all of them between last night and this morning rolleyes.gif) and the shrimp (they have gotten a few of these guys too)!

Hope you enjoy them! I still haven't figured out names...I'll update you when I do!

UGH! I can't figure out how to use the new photobucket. Hopefully this works:

















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Thanks everyone! I love watching them!

They remind me so much of the marine puffer, Fugu, that I'm considering calling them all Fugu, Jr. :rofl

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One is definitely a guy. (Right now I'm calling him blue guy cuz he has two realy cute blue spots). He has a bright yellow belly and a dark line :) He's about 1/2 in or so long.

The other bigger one I am calling "lines" right now because he/she has some white line markings on his/her side. I don't think they are the "wrinkles" that males get when they are older, because they aren't behind his/her eyes. I am also thinking he/she might be female because his/her belly isn't as yellow as Blue Guy, nor does she have the line. S/he is slightly smaller than 1/2 inch.

The littlest one I am calling "little bully" because he/she likes to stalk the shrimp, he hasn't killed any that I've seen, but he likes to pretend he is killing them then stop at the last second. I don't know if he is a she because he is tiny. Only like 1/4 inch. A true fry!

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