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Is It Enough?


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you could possibly keep a betta in there or a few snails with a plant.. but certainly not goldfish of any quantity.. i notice that you have 2 fish by your signature.. do you already have them in a 5.6 litre tank?

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Hello! As I told you in another thread, 5.6 liter is MUCH too small for a goldfish. Even for a betta it would be kind of tight as this is only about 1.5 gallons. You would have to do at least 2 water changes weekly with a betta I think, but in our betta section they can surely give you better advice.

Single tailed goldfish grow to be 10 to 16 inches which is about 25 - 40 cm. That is why you need 70 to 80 liter for EACH single tailed goldfish. :)

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