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Do I Have To Turn Off Light Completely At Night?


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Yes, fish need to sleep too, so turn the lights off :)

5.6 liter tank? That is much too small for even one goldfish. Depending onf what kind goldfish you have, they grow to be 6 to 12 inches (15cm - 30cm) in length. Because of that, a tank for even one goldfish should always be at least about 80 liter, for two goldfish you should have at least 120 liter. :)

In a tank that small the fish will get sick soon and might die as they are constantly swimming in their poopy water with not enough oxygen. :( It would be like locking you in a tiny 2m? room with no toilet, windows and doors closed and you have to live your life in there.

Try to get a larger tank for them, or even a food-safe plastic tub that holds 120 liter of water until you can get a tank :)

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