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What Plant Is This?


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I bought real plants for my goldfish since I was kinda confident that I know a lot about the plants. Actually, I didn't know what plant to buy so I picked 2 different plants that looks familiar that I've seen on this site.

it somewhat looks like this ttrwwprludwgia6.jpg

and the other one looks like this JavaFernWFPF_C521.jpg

or this? i dont know the differenceFishAquariumAnubiasNanaPlantInVase.jpg

I couldn't transfer the pics of the plants I bought to the laptop.. Sorry :D

What should the temperature be? Does the plant need a lot of light?

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i would use tuna in springwater with no salt. or you can replace tuna with sardines in springwater with no salt.. i use sardines as i have read several times they like the sardines more than tuna, but it should be absolutely fine to use.

anything you use in gel food must be NO SALT. all the veggies you use need to be of the kind that are not gassy.. ie, peas and spinach and some others are fine.. but broccoli creats gas and can cause your fish to float. also, all the veggies you use need to be cooked till soft and then blended together with the rest of the ingredients.

if you use sardines, you have to take the main spine out of the sardine before you blend it.

hope this helps :)

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