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I Don't Want To Study So...


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Finally found a good camera to take pictures with; and I got a new tank light, and 30.00 worth of plants for my birthday! :D


Houdini; who has now decided to make it her job to rearrange the plants..



Abe, has grown a little; no colour changing yet; little bit of wen and fins have grown back, he's really hard to catch for a photo!


Whole tank, I had to tie the java fern to the tubing because 1) Houdini pulled them out of the gravel; good because you're not meant to have them in substrate 2) she was eating them too.




Thanks for looking!

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Are my eyes playing tricks on me?? or did you actually tie plants to the air tubbing?

The tank looks very nice, and your goldies are beautiful.

Yes they are tied to the tubing; not without a great deal of effort though!

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