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Fish, Glorious Fish


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Hi there

This is my first blog post so be gentle please

Recently [a few weeks] my lovely fish died leaving me upset and angry at a once good friend, but anyway, after being under the impression and dillusion that I would never own a coldwater tank again due to the pain involved when they have to pass on into fishy heaven [bet it smells up there]

Now I have my chance to start again with fish and once again boast the amazing orange happiness to friends and guests, this coming sunday I will be purchasing two or three fancy goldfish in the hope they last longer than last time, after getting ready tonight and being prepared I will make the short trip to my local garden centre and purchase some fish which will be named Mickey, Frio and Norris, cute names in my opinion

I will be sure to write another fresh blog once I have received my fish

FISH, GLORIOUS FISH is now open to comments


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