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Introducing... Serafina!


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She's a bit stressed from shipping. After I took this video I turned off the lights, and I'll keep them off until she settles in :heart She has a little blood in both eyes, her eyes are really cloudy, and she's pretty much staying on the bottom. But I think she'll be fine after a couple days.

She is every bit as beautiful as I expected! I LOVE her!




(from above, still in the bag)

Serafina Video

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what a wonderful pair.. and congratulations on both...

i did notice in the video that she's getting pushed around abit by the current.. but that could be just my observation and i thought i'd share with you.

they're really cute :heart

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Yes she definitely was getting pushed around a bit, but this video was taken immediately after adding her to the tank (then I turned the lights off), so she was pretty stressed still :heart

Shell, yes I'll definitely upload a photo of the full tank probably tomorrow. :)

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