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Unfortunately my camera decides when I may use it and when not, so I got to take exactly one photo of Vanille today before the camera decided to not work anymore. The pic turned out blurry and the colors are a bit off, but at least it still shows what I wanted to show you guys.

Top is new, bottom is from around 3 weeks ago. She really grew, the tail is amazing and she is starting to show her ryukin qualities.

The growth of the tail fin really shows with the little red dot she has in the bottom pic, which now in the top, new picture is a big streak of red :3

The hump looks a bit more pronounced in the photo than in person though.

Still, I'm so proud of my little girl :krazy:


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Well it might actually be FOUR weeks. But not longer than that.

And really, in person the growth doesn't show that much, especially not the hump part. Probably because she moves around so much that it is hard to get a good look at her.

Her belly looks all round in the picture, but it is actually this typical ryukin belly shape. The camera flash messed this up a bit. If I get the camera to work, I might take a short video of her to show it a bit more accurately.

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I took a nice video of her and the others eating kale, but I can't figure out how to get the video file from the disc to the PC... :hmm

So I will have to wait for hubby to help me with that. I'll probably post the video either late tonight or sometime early tomorrow.

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