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Treating The Tank


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I know that everyone does their best to notice the first symptoms of any issue that arises in the health of their goldfish. But there are illnesses and diseases the stay in the environment and others that can only survive on the goldfish. Without a scope or filter sample can you determine when you need to treat your tank? Yes QT can aid in the issue of introducing these problems into your main cycled tank but they can still creep through.

Another thought I had was about the effect of medicine added into your cycled tank. Does it just become inert after it's been used or is it causing harm? Yes the most of it will be taken out with your water changes but it can go through your biomedia and possibly embed itself in there. Then what?

Of course with the regular use of quarantine most of these questions are moot. I'm just tossing out thoughts.

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I have no 100% guarantee answer to those questions, but I try to never treat a whole tank, except for salt and prazi. I personally believe that unless a fish is weakened by stress for example then he will probably not catch anything, his immune system will protect him. Of course I've heard of some diseases wiping out all the fish in a tank but in those rare cases I'm not sure there are treatments really any effective treatments against these ultra bugs.

As far as getting meds out of a tank then the use of carbon in the filter for a week or two should deal with it. It will absorb all the meds from the tank and the media. These are just my thoughts though, I have no proof except what I've observed over the years. :undecided:

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